I am a figurative artist based in London, currently exploring portraiture, the clothed figure and the nude . I find that these motifs have a universal quality to them and for me there is something incredibly moving about paying close attention to the specifics of the subject and recording those impressions which are always filtered through the self. The parallax between objectivity and the subjective is the artist's greatest gift.

Drawing is the basis of all my work. It's the primary expressive mode for me and the success of any work relies on this core skill which I constantly seek to improve and explore.

The act of drawing or painting is an intervention , whether from life, the reconstructed narrative of the imagination, or photographic source material and in the end, once the work is created and the subject is no longer present, it takes on its own life in the world. Pigments arranged in a particular fashion on a surface create an emotional resonance and this is alchemy. 

Costume excites me. from a formal standpoint it's a joyous experience to engage with pattern and texture, the flow of paint used to depict materials and surfaces. Clothing also forms part of a constantly evolving web of associations of class, gender, storytelling, archetypes and subterfuge .  The history of painting people is to a large extent the history of painting costume. A simple black suit or an anonymous bowler hat have so many stories to tell. 

As an artist I am at the start of my journey, having only dedicated myself to my painting practice at the start of 2017. After studying Fine Art and Art History at degree level  I worked as a photographer and illustrator for two decades which has influenced my way of seeing.



Kent Institute of Art and Design

Aberystwyth School of Art

The Art Academy London